I'm a self taught photographer, unless YouTube counts as a tutor? I am a Gloucester girl born and bred and I currently live in sunny Stroud and I absolutely and categorically love using a life-long hobby as a way of earning a living. Oh and in this picture, I'm the one laughing uncontrollably.

I served 7 years in the Royal Air Force as an Air Cartographer where I made life-long friends. I'm an avid cross-fitter, football player and bike rider. I support the mighty Tottenham Hotspur and completely understand if this makes you stop reading any further.

I love the way that photography can help preserve memories and I fill my own home with as many candid photos of our friends and family as I can. I have a very relaxed and natural approach to my photography in general which I hope comes through in the images I take.

I built my photography knowledge and experience in the worlds of fitness and sports. These fast paced and gritty genres taught me how to pre-empt the important action and taught me how to not just snap away for the sake of it, but to also focus on what's going on around the main event, it's these images that I feel really set the scene and tell the story. 

In 2018 I decided to use this experience as the foundation of my wedding photography. Capturing the unexpected and intimate moments on such a memorable day is paramount and I am confident when I say that I know I can deliver on this. 



Candid shots that captured so many special moments of our family and friends we'll treasure forever.


She was exceptionally professional from start to finish and I was impressed by the ease of access to photos and how they can be navigated.


I’m blown away by the quality and you’ve captured so many lovely little moments, moments I didn’t even know were happening!


If you're looking for wedding, event or stock photography for your social media channels then please feel free to drop me a message and see how my photography might be able to help tell your story.

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The building blocks to my approach to photography + life in general.


Stay up to date with what I'm up to over on my blog and my social media.

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